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Titel: Crisis 2022
Beitrag von: Papa am 17. Dezember 2021, 22:50:56 Uhr
Nach den letzten Infos der TSOA ist Termin für die Crisis 2022 der 5. November (Guy Fawkes Night)...
Titel: Re: Crisis 2022
Beitrag von: Papa am 26. Juli 2022, 21:52:53 Uhr
Heute kam quasi die Absage der Crisis. Auf FB folgende Infos der Veranstalter:
"A more detailled explanation will follow later but we sadly have to announce that we are unable to organise Crisis 2022 in the current format.
We were still in the process of writing the communication but as it is out, we quickly have to address the news now.
Rising costs, lesser availability of volunteers and the announcement of restrictions already on the table for pandemic measures later in '22 have made it a far to big financial risk for us to carry trough with the known format,hence the cancellation as organizing this can't have us risk our club finances
More updates and some good news to follow later,
Team TSoA"

Bin gespannt was die "good news later" sein werden...