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Dark Age Outpost
« am: 07. Juni 2018, 10:18:45 Uhr »
Nach 3 Monaten Funkstille gibt es mal wieder ein Update. Der KS ist ja inzwischen 2 Jahre über Termin!

"Where to begin!
My deepest apologies for the lack of communication lately.
Bottom line; the factory is f***ing me over. Has everything on hold and are keeping the molds as ransom.
I paid for ALL the molds (Originally quoted at around $1,500 each then slowly turned to $5,000 each) But somehow $10,000 never showed up!...
I've sent a very fierce email to the factory, threatening to sue or go to their government about the apparent tax evasion they have been using to receive my money.
If I don't hear back from them soon, I'll post his email and you all can spam him? I'll talk to a lawyer first.
Been interesting seeing the conspiracy theories about me and the project. The constant, daily stream of rude emails and comments is very depressing...But I understand, I'd be pissed too  (Don't listen to anything Gryph says...)
I AM still working to finish this project that has consumed my life. The molds were so close to being done, all paid for, then they pull this s***. Some of you are requesting refunds, wish I could refund everyone and be done with it, but I've sent MOST of the money to the factory already (see photos of the molds in previous updates for proof). And if they DO come through and give me the products, I still need to keep that money for shipping the rewards!

I'll keep you posted. I'll give the factory another week to respond. Then we can spam them or I'll contact a lawyer. We are in this together!

One way or another, we are getting Dark Age Outpost!!!
- Nick"

Allein dei Idee die Firma zu "spammen" ist mal sowas von lächerlich...

Denke den KS können wir endgültig abschreiben, da kommt nichts mehr...falls Ihr irgendwann mal vorhabt was von idyllwildgames oder Menhir Games zu kaufen macht einen grossen Bogen drumrum...ebenfall bei den Namen Nick Ryan und Ramiro Olano!
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Tabletop: A game of toy soldiers played by grown men who should know better


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Re: Dark Age Outpost
« Antwort #1 am: 07. Juni 2018, 10:29:40 Uhr »
Ja sehe das wie du
Es kann nur einen geben!!!!!

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