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Crisis 2021
« am: 01. Februar 2021, 17:32:23 Uhr »
Post von Willie Bogaerts von den Tin Soldiers of Antwerp auf Facebook über die aktuelle Crisis Planung:

"Yes, Crisis is still planned for November 6th, but we'll have to see how the vaccination and generally, the whole pandemic goes before we decide.
That's the most sensible thing to do I suppose? No use organising a 2000- man event if the government decides you can have a maximum of 500 indoors.
And yes, Brexit has thrown a huge spanner in the works as we all knew it would.
If we're able to host Crisis at all it, will probably be a smaller and more European oriented version.
With orders/parcels from the UK now costing up to 51% more just to get here, we are now looking at- and have already contacted- big European suppliers to fill in the unavoidable gaps.
We' ll certainly keep you posted on any news once we know what is or will be possible."

Also wenns denn klappt, dann wirds der 6. November...

Edit: habe auf Verdacht mal ein Zimmer im Ibis reserviert. Kann ja wieder kostenlos storniert werden.
Edit2: Das Ibis hat mich kostenlos upgegraded und ins Novotel umgebucht...auch nett  :)
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